Using Social Media to Promote a Non-Profit Event

Although you can use this method to promote any event, non-profits have the benefit of making people feel good about promoting them. If you are an accountant and want people to come to your accounting seminar this might not work to well for you. However save the lions, polar bears, starving children, or even the local stay has a tendency of pulling on heart strings.

 So what to do to promote your event?

  1. Who’s your audience?
    • Families? Parents? Boomers? Genx? GenY? Are you looking for corporate sponsors? Big money?
  2. Where are you going to find them?
    •  Facebook? LinkedIn? Twitter?
  3. What are your objectives
    • Attendance? Donations? Sponsorship? Education?
  4. How can you engage them? 
    • What else are they interested in? Are they local? What other groups are they part of? What other groups would promote you?
  5. How can you use your existing resources?
    • Add a Facebook Fan Page link to e-mail signatures? Send out an e-blast with your group’s link? Try a viral e-mail to friends and family? Put a post-it in mailings?
  6. Determine campaign champion
    • Who can do this? Who has the time? Who has the know-how?

Now your plan is close to being functional. Bring out a calendar and chart everything you plan on doing for the plan. Do it all right now. If you put it off to do later, it just won’t get done. What tweets are you sending? Who is responsible for updating the events? When will the e-mail blast go out? Determine the exact tools and tactics you are going to use. Determine the exact wording each post/update/tweet will have. The more you do right now, the more likely your campaign is to succeed if you put it off it will either not happen or you will put so much ramp-up time into it each day that it won’t be worth the effort.

The MOST IMPORTANT thing for this whole process to work is to ask people to help you and to give them a good reason why they should.

So here it goes! Please help the Cleveland Animal Protective League! They rescue thousands of animals every year and place them in loving homes. They work with the community to promote animal health even in the feral populations. Through April the Cleveland APL is collecting Doggy Dollars and Kitty Cash to help save the cats and dogs of Cleveland.

Natalie Morris