Q & A: If I add keywords to my profile will it help me get more hits?

Normally I would say yes, that will help you, however if you are not using social media the way it was meant to be used, then adding a few keywords are not going to help you.

For example if you only have a few connections then making some minor changes to your profile is not going to make a big difference in the number of hits you get. The only people who are going to see the update you made are going to be people you are connected to.

If you have 30 connections and you make an update, you are not going to be reaching large numbers of people. However, if you have 300 or 500 connections or more! Then you make an update to your profile, that includes a keyword you think people would be interested in, then all of a sudden you will be making an impact on a large number of people.

However as I have mentioned before, if you are not involved in your social media:

  • if you are not building relationships with people
  • if you are not updating your status on a regular basis

Then no one is going to care that you added a keyword to your profile.

Like I have said so many times before, social media is about relationships. Think of Social networking as live networking.

If you go to the same networking meeting every single week, or even every month, you build relationships, you help people, you interact with them, they get to know you and what you do. If you then walk in one day and say “guess what everyone! I just started doing this” everyone is going to be interested in what you are doing.

However if you go to a group once never go back or only go for 2 minutes to drop off your business cards then stand up in the middle of that meeting and say “guess what everyone! I just started doing this” no one is going to care, because no one there knows you.

The only thing about Social Networking that is easier than real networking is that you can do it on your own time. You choose WHEN to update your profile, when to comment on people’s status, when to read what’s going on, or to pass on good information. Social Networking does not let you skip that part of networking. You still need the relationships.

Adding keywords to your profile will help you if you have built a strong community. If you add new updated information to your profile, and there are people who are following you they will see what you are up to, and hopefully pass it on to their connections if it relates.

Adding keywords will also help if people are searching for the product or services you add. However, if you are not connected in any way it is going to be difficult for them to connect with you, and if they have other people who are related, they will appear above you.

For example if you sell insurance, and only have 10 connections, and those connections only have 10 connections. However your competitor has 500 connections and those connections all have 300 connections (who have connections) if someone does a search for insurance, they will probably see your competitor above you, and they will see who they know, who knows them.  This gives them the advantage of being “familiar” to the person searching. It also gives the person searching the advantage if they want a referral, they know who to call and ask. If there is no one in their network that can vouch for you, or who even knows you, then they are going to be lest trusting of you and your services.

Optimizing for keywords is helpful, but only if you are “using” the social media.

Thank you,



How Technology Makes Our Lives Easier

The Internet

  • In the beginnings there were the  nerds: The Internet allowed people to share information with other people.
  • Then came colleges and universities: Students and faculty were able to share information.
  • Then businesses used them for business: Businesses were able to share information with employees
  • Then marketers used them for marketing: Then the internet became a one way street
  • Then came Social Media … or should we say came back: This allowed people to share  information with other people.

Technology has evolved

Do you remember when…

  • There were only land lines, if you got lost you had to find a pay phone
  • The first mobile phone had a bag, cord, and battery that weighed more than a brick
  • Head sets were big clunky things that had cords

Do you remember when…

  • Computers used to fill entire rooms
  • The word processor replaced the typewriter
  • Data storage took up rooms
  • Mobile computers were huge

Do you remember when…

  • Only professionals had cameras
  • You only took pictures of special occasions
  • They came out with color film
  • When digital eliminated the need for film

Do you remember when….

  • You had to write a letter by hand
  • Put it in an envelope
  • Put it in the mailbox
  • Wait for it to be delivered by… Pony Express, UPS… talk about snail mail!

Now we have the Smart Phone, which can really do everything above and so much more! Not only are their apps that can control your home or car, baby monitors that call you, a ton of business options, navigation, but they can now work as your computer!

So where are we heading?

    Thank you and enjoy the technology we have today!
    Natalie Morris

Life is not the way it’s supposed to be

So I’m a bit tiered, I’d like to have more money, I feel like there are not enough hours in my day… In other words I am feeling sorry for myself.

A good friend of the family was recently diagnosed with cancer.

Imagine this, I’m feeling like a bit like a loser for feeling sorry for myself.

An extended family member’s father is recovering from surgery, her mother has sever dementia, her step father just passed away, her brothers have downs syndrome, she’s a single mother with a teen age daughter, and she is the only once capable of caring for all these people.

I’m really feeling like a boob.

I was chatting with a friend, complaining about how individuals will take advantage of my time to learn more about my expertise then never follow-up with the services we discussed. I find out a mutual friend of our just had a second surgery to try to catch the cancer coursing through his body, only to find out all the lymph nodes they removed had cancer in them.

How can I even consider feeling sorry for myself?

Two different people I know have been hospitalized for staph infections within a week of each other.

I mean seriously how can I look at anything in my life and consider it unfortunate?
How can I even consider waking up and not be thankful for everything I have? 

Than as if some higher power is trying to teach me a lesson I get the following quote in my in-box.

Life is not the way it’s supposed to be.. It’s the way it is.. The way we cope with it, is what makes the difference.


Thank you,

Q & A – How Can Google Alerts Help Me?

GoogleGoogle Alerts www.google.com/alerts are a great free tool provided by the all-powerful Google.

There are quite a few ways that Google Alerts can help you:

  • You can keep tabs on what people are saying about your products or services
  • You can see what people are saying about you
  • You can see what people are saying about your people
  • And even what your people are saying about you, your products, or your services
  • You can see what people are saying about your competitors
  • You can see what your competitors are saying
  • You can see what people are saying about your industry

But I don’t use social media, so why would I need Google Alerts?

Even if you are not “into” the whole social media thing, that doesn’t mean others aren’t talking about you in social media. Google Alerts gives you the ability to see what people are saying without having to be part of the “fad”. Of course, if you are not engaged in the internet, and a group of people are saying something about you, what are you planning on doing? If you do not participate in social media, and your products and services are getting bad reviews from people who are, what do you plan on doing? Even if you decide to take a traditional route, it’s important that you have a plan.

So I know what Alerts does, how can that help me?

If you know what people are talking about, what they like, dislike, and want then you can use that information to benefit your. If people are writing a blog about how poorly their widgets work, how long will it take before people stop buying widgets and find an alternative solution? If you sell widgNuts but people really want WidgMuts and it’s easy for you to transfer over to a WidgMut maker then why would you continue making WidgeNuts. Google Alerts let you know what people are talking about now. What they want now.

How do I decide what to use in my Google Alerts?

Honestly my best recommendation is to test, measure, and retry.  There are many keywords that are to concise to be helpful, and many that are too broad. I recommend starting with 10-20 key phrases. let them run for a week or two. review them, if you are getting hundreds of hits per day, then they are too broad, if you are only getting one hit a week or less it may be too narrow, or it may be that people are only talking a little bit.

Take your broad words, read some of the alerts and see if you can create more specific search terms from that. Set up the new terms and in a week or so re-evaluate them. After a while you will find a number of key phrases that provide you with information you can use.

Have  a terrific day,


Q & A – do simple sites get more traphic than cluttered sites?

”Hey Natalie, in order to get more traffic to my site do you think simple layout sites get more attention or sites that have lots of graphics? Would that be too much clutter?”

That’s a great question! Let me break this question down into a couple smaller questions.

Do simple layouts get more traffic than complex layouts?

Search Engines are looking for many things before they determine who to sent their visitors too. They care about incoming links, keywords, tags, content etc. So normally people don’t think about the layout effecting the ranking. However one way the layout may affect the ranking is in regards to keyword density. Keyword Density is the number of times a keyword is mentioned in a site, compared to the rest of the words on the site. Let’s use Morris MC as our key phrase.

Morris MC, is an internet marketing firm.” keyword density is about 25%

Morris MC does website design and development, search engine optimization, content writing, Pay Per Click management and setup, Social Media planning, management and coaching, and many other internet marketing services.” keyword density is about 6%

The first example is much more dense than the second example.

There is one very important fact you have to remember about search engines, they are not “reading” your site. They are looking at the code behind your site, and that is the point where layout may affect your rankings. If your layout is very simple and the design only takes up 100 lines of code then your keywords will be more dense than if your design takes up 1,000 lines of code.

Do graphics effect the amount of traffic a site gets?

Search Engines’s don’t look at images in the way we do. They can’t look at a logo and say “Oh that says Morris MC.” However, if I put an alt tag on the image and say “Morris MC logo” than that will count for a key phrase. However where graphics will hurt you is if you use them for your navigation. Search Engines like to see text links using the keyword as the link. All three options below will take you to Morris MC. ltd, however the first one is the best option in regards to search engine optimization.

”Morris MC” “More info >>” Morris MC

Would lots of graphics be too much clutter?

When we talk about clutter, we are talking about people. Search Engines don’t see clutter, but people do. If your site is not appealing to people, or if it’s hard for them to navigate or understand, even if the Search Engines send them to your site they will leave.

I hope that helped answer your questions, if you have any questions of your own please send them to me and I will answer them on my blog.

Thank you and have a terrific day,



New Year’s Resolutions

It’s funny, for years I thought New Years Resolutions were a waste of time, thought, and effort. I mean really what do they really change.

  • I want to lose 20 lbs, not gonna happen
  • I want to make a million dollars, not gonna happen
  • I want to save the world, not gonna happen

So when I was young, all the resolutions I made, were on the top of my mind for, oh about 2 weeks. By the end of three weeks, I had gained 2 lbs, needed to get $800 worth of repairs done on my car, and another war broke out. So I’d quite, or even worse, just forget about it. Not even make the commitment to quite.

But as I have gotten older I have realized that if taken seriously New Years Resolutions really can work. And if you really put the effort into planning them, they can really change your world!

The trick: or I guess the tricks that work for me:

  • Planning.
  • Having attainable goals.
  • Setting time limits.
  • Managing your progress.
  • Not giving up.
  • Being held accountable.

So what are my resolutions this year? Honestly I’m not really sure yet. My husband and I talked about it for a little while but we didn’t have the time to sit down and really figure out what we want or what the plan is. So right now the plan is to plan, probably tonight over dinner.

We will also do a vision board, although this year mine’s going to be a little different, instead of one great big one, I will do multiple little ones that focus on specific areas of my life.

  • Business last year my goal was to make my business profitable – I succeeded
    And to do public speaking – I succeeded
  • Personal last year I wanted to make more time for me – I succeeded 
  • Spiritual last year I wanted to connect more with nature and the universe – I feel I have succeeded greatly!
  • Health last year I wanted to become a life time WeightWatchers member – I succeeded
  • Fashion last year my goal was to portray a professional image – I succeeded

So this year I will modify them and make my life even better!

Have a happy and successful 2011!


The Land Before Google

With e-mail, and forwards, and CC’s, links, and blogs, websites, forums, twitter, Facebook, and so many other venues of communication I sometimes wonder how we survived before the internet, or before Google.

So a friend sent me this cartoon the other day














I laughed.

A few days later my husband and I were on our way to visit family for the holidays. This was one of many trips over the weekend and we had already discussed all of the important topics we usually hit on during drive times. Honestly, we were a little bored.

So Alex asks me some completely off the wall question about bees. So we start talking about the theory that hornets get drunk off fermenting fruit which is why they are so aggressive in the fall. So I had heard this, but honestly was it true? So on the highway going 65 miles an hour (or sort of close to that) I look up an article that goes into great depth about insects and alcohol!

But it led us down another conversation. Before the Internet, before Google, people’s knowledge was so much less. Not people as a whole, but individuals. As an individual you had your experiences from your family, if your dad was a doctor, or your mother a chemist you might know a little bit about those subject. The information you learned in school, if you went to a liberal arts school you may have a more varied knowledge base than someone from a vocational school but still, you are limited by what you learned.

If you were curious about a subject completely out of your realm there was very little way for you to learn about it. Books, library’s, newspapers, TV could provide you with some information but it was limited to what was published, or scheduled. Up to date information was impossible to find unless you watched the news and they thought it was important to keep you up to date.

But now… If I want to know how to build a bird house I can go online, if I want to learn yoga I go on-line, if I want a new cookie recipe I go online, if I want to know what’s going on somewhere I go on You Tube and watch it, if I want directions I go online… or use my GPS.

At one point all I would have needed to know about, and keep stored in my brain was who I am, what I do, and what the people close to me did. Everything else was out of easy reach. However now, I know about everything! I don’t know a lot about everything but holy cow if I scanned my brain, the bits of useless information stored in there would be astronomical! I mean really, I know bees can become alcoholics!

So here’s my question, if we only use 10% of our brains, and I am jam-packing that 10% with useless knowledge, where do I store the information that is actually important?

  •  Is this massive amount of information making us smarter or is it really hurting us?
  • There have been studies showing that attention disorders are on a rampage.
  • Children don’t know how to NOT be stimulated by the outside.
  • Misinformation is rampant.

What do you think? How does has the internet effected us?