Lions and Tigers and Bears! Oh my!

The Secret, by Rhonda Burns. OK, I don’t know how this thing works. My rational side says it’s a bunch of malarkey, however, I have too many personal stories that make it just too real to me. I actually have a whole notebook full of my “Secret” stories. But I will just share this one because it was just too cool.

Tigger jumping off his perch to come say hi to me.I LOVE animals, I love big animals, small animals, furry and scaly animals. I love nice animals and ferocious animals. I have a dog, cat, and a snake, I ride horses, feed the birds, I put in a pond and have fish and now frogs and even a toad that visits. I will stop my car to rescue a loon, a hawk, or any other animal I find on the side of the road, that I don’t think will kill me… actually I just haven’t found a dangerous one on the side of the road, so who knows what I would do. But there is a place in my heart that loves the big furry animals that could kill me. You know, lions, tigers, and bears!

Well I have been to the zoos, I have been to the animal parks, I have watched TV shows, and seen them on-line but never have I ever had the opportunity to really get close to them (of course safety first). So a while back I get this random e-mail, for a sanctuary who needs a new website. I decide to go down and visit them, of course that week was a marathon of “deadly attractions” crazy people who keep their pet tigers in a NY city apartment building, crazy snake ladies, etc. So by the time the weekend came, and I convinced by husband to come with me I was terrified of what I might be getting myself into. However I went down to see what they were about and was totally impressed by their facility. The thing is the animals get all the attention, the website, got none. So I decided to take it on!

So part of a good website is good pictures, and the people who work there are constantly running so I volunteered to take the pictures myself. Ok I really wanted to take the pictures. So I spent all day Saturday down there with a wonderful guide who kept me safe and the animals engaged and I took hundreds of pictures, of you guessed it, lions, tigers, and bears! There were also bobcats, cougars, zebras, camels, ponies, tortoises, horses, llamas, wolves, and so many other animals that they rescued from terrible futures.

So although there is still a lot to be done with their new site, I am happy to say the new look is LIVE! And I must say it represents their facility so much more than their old site.

If you are ever even near Berlin Center Ohio, and you have the opportunity please go visit them, the work they do is amazing!

Thank you Universe for giving me the opportunity to get THAT close to these magnificent animals!


Refreshed and Renewed

Wild HiposI’ve been a bit remiss in my blogging. However I have a good excuse! I was on vacation. I had the best intention of blogging while in Florida however, I didn’t. Although I was able to keep up with all my clients, and get enough work done to not fall behind, I just couldn’t motivate myself to write a blog.

There was a time when I would have felt bad, decided I needed to write 4 new blogs to catch up, feel completely overwhelmed, put it off, until the next day only to have something come up that put it off again, and again, and again. However not any more! So I didn’t write a blog for 2 weeks. I am sure you all survived.

So today I want to talk about spring. I was looking in my herb garden and saw the chives are already coming up, the parsley looks like it made it and I am sure the mint will have taken over another couple of feet. Spring is all about growth. About trying again, about not giving up, about showing the world that even when the Earth turns into an ice box the flowers always comes back!

So your social media plan took the back burner over the winter, so you gave up on your blog, so you forgot you Linked In login, it’s OK! It’s SRING time and we are ready to try again!

Here’s what I want you to do.

  1. Write down what you have been doing – i.e. reading my blog 🙂 and pat your self on your back for doing it
  2. Write down what you had been doing but some how managed to stop – update your profile daily
  3. Write down what you would like to be doing to help your social media campaign.
  4. Now that you have your list – prioritize what you can commit to do and scratch off what you can’t

It’s spring time if the sun can warm up Cleveland I know you can succeed in your Social Media campaign!

Natalie Morris

The Secret in My Life

Now I am sure there are many of you who have either read, watched, or listened to “The Secret”. For those of you who don’t know anything about it here is a link to the website.

I listened to the audio book, while I was driving to client meetings, networking events, or cleaning up my office. There are plenty of parts of the book that sound outrageous, but then there are other parts of the book that we all “know” are true form our own lives.

Here is a great example that started right before I started listening to the book. I have been leasing horses in one form or another since about 1997. However when I made the commitment to start my own business it became painfully obvious that I did not have the money or the time to continue my lease. I had to give up my greatest therapy.

As time has gone by and I have worked very hard to get some good customers established I started thinking maybe it was time to start looking for another lease. The problem is I still didn’t have the time or the schedule to make a commitment.

I remember thinking “I wish I could have a free horse to ride, just something to go out with when I have the time”. I remember going out to eat with a another couple and talking about wanting to find another horse to ride. I remember talking to another friend about Sue, my friend with horses. I remember starting to listen to The Secret and then I remember the very surreal phone call the next day. “Hi Natalie, it’s Sue…. The reason I am calling is I adopted a horse that needs an experienced rider to take him down trail… Are you interested?” “Um yeah, I’d love to”.

 A few days later I finished listening to The Secret and I though Wow! That really does work! Now is it coincidence or is it something more? That’s hard to say, but I know that more often then not when I think strongly about someone, within the next few days I usually hear from them. But this was more than hearing, this was receiving exactly what I asked for.

If you haven’t read or watched it, go check it out of the library, if you have read it have faith, believe, I know it works!

Thank you,
Natalie Morris

Western Reserve Land Conservancy (WRLC)

I have always loved the out doors. When I was a child we lived on a lake and every day was spent either swimming, fishing, boating, or ice skating. When we moved, we bought a sailboat and every weekend was spent on Lake Erie, as well as walks with the dog, hiking through the parks, or just biking with friends. Now I spend my time riding horses, walking the dog with my husband, and still sailing on Lake Erie. I love the parks I know, but I also love visiting new areas, exploring new parks, or even taking the long way home.

However, lately I have been disturbed by the amount of new construction that is going up EVERYWHERE! Beautiful farm country turns into warehouses and parking lots, woods are demolished, swamps filled in, the peaceful drives home are getting harder to find.

But hope is not lost! The Western Reserve Land Conservancy (WRLC) is doing their part to help preserver the land we have left.

…Our vision is that today, a decade from now, and beyond the time that we can imagine, the Western Reserve will be a stunningly beautiful and healthy place. An authentic place filled with breathtaking scenic views, abundant clean rivers and lakes, miles and miles of connected trails for hiking, biking, skiing, and horseback riding; and an accessible, clean and safe great lake for world class fishing, swimming, and boating… 

They work with land owners, park systems, donors, and anyone else interested in protecting our land for future generations. They manage and protect the land, but best of all they throw some great parties! Nothing wild and out of control, but good clean fun where families and everyone else who cares about our environment are welcome to enjoy the great out doors.

Western Reserve Land Conservancy (WRLC) is a non-profit conservation organization dedicated to preserving land throughout the Western Reserve region of Northeast Ohio. WRLC works with landowners, communities, government agencies, and other non-profit organizations to protect natural areas and working landscapes. Founded by, funded by, led by, and inspired by dedicated people throughout Northeast Ohio…

If you live in Northern Ohio, and you love the out doors enough to care about what happens to it, then this is the group you need to get involved with.

Here is their website Western Reserve Land Conservancy

And here is their LinkedIn Group

Go ahead, make a difference, get involved, it’s FUN!!

Natalie Morris