Keeping on track

Deep Snow In ClevelandWith the snow falling outside and no sun to be seen for days on end one would think writing blogs would be easy. However, somehow this winter has become busier than most summers! Taking up ski instructing again didn’t help the time issue, but it sure does help the mental “stuck in the house” feeling you get after a few days of bad weather.  Bad weather? Not when you are a skier, this constant dumping of snow – is beautiful in my eyes!

So what are you going to blog, tweet, and update today? If you only have a few minutes don’t skip it, just do what you can, and be done with it.

Have we discussed Hootesuite yet? There are a lot of tools out there that allow you to manage many Social Media venues with one tool. Hootesuite is the one I have been using for about a month or so, and so far I feel pretty comfortable with it. The best feature is you can schedule your updates and select where they go. Do you just want to tweet it, or do you want it to go to Face-book and LinkedIn too?

The tool is very straight forward, create an account sign into your Social Media accounts and your off!

  • Type in a tweet.
  • Use the Social Media Networks buttons to choose where it will go.
  • Use the “Shrink It” tool to automatically shrink your URLs.
  • Click the “Send Later” button to schedule when you want it to go out.

Use the dashboard at the bottom to monitor streams, check stats, and update your settings. It’s all quite simple, however, it is NOT fool proof, or completely reliable. Be sure to check often that the posts are being sent out when and where you think. I have personally had issues with my Face-book account, but despite the lack of perfection, it makes the whole process much easier!

Thanks and have fun Hooting!


Social Media in the Eldercare Industry

For those of you who are following my weekly posts – So you need a plan – you have your accounts set up, you reviewed you weekly events, important dates, etc and now you need to write a blog. So what do you write about? Go back to you list and see what are you doing? I am giving a presentation to the University Hospitals Bedford Senior Network at the January meeting. I have an outline complete and just need to work on an intro and a conclusion.

How Social Media works in the Eldercare Industry

First let me do a quick overview of the primary Social Media venues

  • LinkedIn – Corporate, professional networking community. People in this group are primarily interested in business related information.
  • Facebook – Personal, social networking community. People in this group are primarily interested in entertainment and connecting with friends and family.
  • Twitter – Primarily young tech savvy individuals, professional and personal, as well as everything else.
  • Blogs– Most people follow bloggers that are providing them with information they are looking for – either personal or professional
  • You -Tube – Great venue for providing information to individuals who prefer not to read or where a personal/emotional connection is required

So the overwhelming question I get from the eldercare realm is how can social media help my business, my industry, my facility, how can social media help me?

Every business is going to be different but here are a few ideas for using social media in the eldercare industry.

  • Use LinkedIn and Facebook to invite the community, residents, family, or friends to upcoming events
  • Use  LinkeIn’s Events Module to post Continuing Education seminars your facility is hosting
  • Drive people to your website by update your status with links to important documents on your website
  • Search LinkedIn “Answers” for questions you can provide more expert information on
  • Use You-Tube to talk to visitors who may find reading difficult 
  • Use You-Tube to answer common questions for those who may be intimidated or embarasses – be friendly and approachable
  • Use Facebook’s fan page to keep families involved with your residents – let them know what’s going on, and how they can become involved.

The next big question I get, and sometime I think I should get this one more is how to handle Social Media in the work place. There are a few major areas that you need to think about – especially if you have “patients”

  1. HIPPA compliant – Social media regarding residents have completely different rules than those regarding patients
  2. Policies for using social media in regards TO the work place – can employees talk about work when they are off the clock? If you don’t have a published policy in place then it might be too late if something does happen. Are you sure your employees would make the same judgement call you would?
  3. Policies for using social media IN the work place – with the Internet in people’s pocket, and social media being one of the most common forms of communication for the younger generation, what is you policy for employees using technology in the work place? Don’t wait until there is a problem.
  4. Monitoring what other people are saying about your company – Of course it’s impossible to watch everything on the Internet but by using Google Alerts you can at least have an idea if people are using you or your company’s name directly in the media.

Social Media is definitely here to stay, the changes it has made are a revolutionary to the way people communicate, it is now up to you to manage how it affects you.

Be sure to visit us again next week!


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So how's the plan going?

Hopefully you read last week’s post and are on your way to being a Social Media Star!

Still need some help?

If you didn’t do anything yet at least set up one profile. Since most of my clients are professionals let’s start with LinkedIn.

For now all you need is the basic information that LinkedIn asks for, just fill in the questions and your new profile will be ready to use. You will want to go back to your setting sand update them to be more precise, but for now just get an account set up.

Now go to your calendar and see what you have scheduled for this week, here’s what I have:


  • work on my business process
  • work on my weekly calendar
  • write blog
  • riding party at stables


  • UH Bedford Senior Network Holiday Party
  • Andrews Moving – schedule meeting with Sue 
  • CERT Party


  • My weight watchers meeting
  • Make cookies with mom


  • Check to see if Alpine Valley is open for the season!


  • Lakewood Chamber of Commerce

OK so that’s pretty much a quick overview of the scheduled items in my calendar. As you may be able to tell, not all of those items need to be shared with my LinkedIn community. Below is what I will share and when

  • Monday – Blog
  • Tuesday – UH Bedford Senior Network Holiday Party
  • Wednesday – nothing yet…
  • Thursday – nothing yet…
  • Friday – Lakewood Chamber of Commerce

Now I need some information for Wednesday and Thursday…

January 19th I am speaking at the UH Bedford network so I will use that to fill the spaces, I will also mention the chamber meeting on Thursday and the UH party on Monday, and mention my blog a couple more times if possible.

So here is my tweeting schedule:

  • Monday – Blog
  • Tuesday – UH Bedford Senior Network Holiday Party
  • Wednesday – Mention speaking engagement
  • Thursday – Lakewood Chamber of Commerce – mention Blog
  • Friday – Mention Speaking engagement – Mention Chamber meeting
  • Saturday – Mention Speaking engagement

And Here are my Tweets: 

  • Monday PM – just finished writing this week’s blog! “So how’s the plan going?” A follow up to “So you need a plan… Don’t we all”
  • Tuesday AM – Looking forward to the UN Bedford Senior Network Holiday Party! For more info –
  • Tuesday PM – don’t forget to check out my blog “So how’s the plan going?” A follow up to “So you need a plan… Don’t we all”
  • Wednesday AM – Want to know more about Social Media in the elder-care industry? Come to the Jan UH Bedford Senior Network –
  • Thursday AM – Looking forward to the Lakewood Chamber Meeting tomorrow at 11:30
  • Thursday PM – don’t forget to check out my blog “So how’s the plan going?” A follow up to “So you need a plan… Don’t we all”
  • Friday AM  – Looking forward to the Lakewood Chamber Meeting today at 11:30
  • Friday PM – Want to know more about Social Media in the elder-care industry? Come to the Jan UH Bedford Senior Network –

Now all I have to do it drop these in my LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook (if I want) on the days, and times I have scheduled.

As an FYI – there are tools that will schedule these posts for you, however be very AWARE they need to be closely monitored and do not work as consistency as expected. That will be another blog 🙂 ei ctetPhinrtneshoei rPpi tcwoPiLsdSapre ph e sit einPhNee Pr P otru3ln0e h epi te droaacrnodo ieHopTlmoyarrdsC o e Uairinoem teniDhse mTPr i Bhen ettutstPie PieindceiPon omep engn7mt PltNrhFmtRneunsceiltaie S slpndsireh enmpyeSaiPit P eXeMPr drnmnandi eilceah ti coa Fnhar enteOP Prrlf shiaue fPthaSlmnfenoe drPreriNO rninl ntio rkltte ouTmuTeodmair y acCPmFe gaPnraneTnmr yodcdA nndaPIhc erMfa moon DrFoInn mPNpDceAtoreoir ennproa o oehnthtoydm F lrneeOie odma eepacraarer aro etshh te nre netr tsWhei Pe a rpidr scPo rrnangietCemFnrPoDnimtsae emoksS olTdelauY iodtpneaTe e me ta OoriinrnPAetsmFrbh 2m ihN t4.n ere2 mae tTPPnehi neeozcr dgeh iPnneainc Hgke gmuS itinmh mxrns hPrOeEenpet ei ou SnohepntPro inAamP umO rntl BeSP TL nh naiDnro edn ePalitrehn ner e 5pstePen7 roesneorpoti ciotrPeminecthPP r F leramorlxaTd uBi odITii rmd ra amaoie t .un4y0Pnm1ee tNi tethhnenreeDmiOcnin aea Prml artpgoh naiTrdn ee POaare PiOir hm otosZcln ltnnediria araTeRv ceasthxnmimrneerPn Eda siToptmlroacma ueloiaUlmhrol Anco lsHCrobnatTSr a eeemanhBin kr einm7tP yea PebTesn mee rPliocnnDiOtlmsuh neen soaloe TePaemadihlclr r TonverdahmO riagd re ys in ritenPmPhheteCBlapcle uenn d enPhPec eohimea tcunhptiu Phe reBrsPoertt orhuhliieWesa lcewePc p rmontPeits nhY enPme r du mPitPly a ewlit P yrenmetiPe tm amaPih nrePeoinrme f arO ibte mrtnhisPS meeta PeeGne d adaOyluaoaTC mPUni eilnhetnOn e meorvatAlTr – hreaWllcoTH tm gecnLnioieenbhal SrelrPs tu t nmAtTni regWhelika il fbPdo hderrctnmne ePei inyOlOr en peteCaeAt pn AhohmibnuehnmirCePll Oynhamcan n nPMeBa hyree5e73 rraahl OwnTinca ydWrmo daaim hki pUitSetieC eePrn rnistPiDnes a teel hIihHtPlm e ie nama ntPh mOcnCehe ia cnesi onneFPPr i cT iWai iaood rlorhruOtnttpdByo mieoieiee gphFe erprhnenp iPeSne rhFeaDm tc0r lTCdeosora5aprc3Nog0mhPip eam aagPorlrlCee al n rePrterSheTime ono Fxee vPrDe atAo u ocPra rrnmdga isrts rP MnntrpniB0he pueoePi o M 5gr ere eoeCmeThPlnntir MP mcigoeodrtlxihce rW Ptn Nil rnen teaTnscti nal 7nr Fme dahpEee yhee ihiglue sm d oPiAhPnEedt ihrlthelmnbe Peer nP iP hmhe enmleedeOirrrere lamregpn.M CP u7 lpoao n ienrm PeaheEB r TaoioemtcaNrs ON Aitmsdeero oiPrenndc Prhnti lFao s Tao Pmer ietoNoendNnee RC rP rnm uhitutgeePRg Denr Bd tgr rhoalauham rteeuoP y BmhBin eyPnhn D ma rLomt iraaaoF a agfDls cahm liMhrmn drlimMe teDea itepnP rSiLpeleun g TalVN Ce iB nt aaee hernHueR rt tseoe gei nol umrPen liLsWe g imPts1e eniametirPh nCtmePOo rht hPrlrnOS ileen ou net i1reAh tnimv ays TarmFe asiUoTdunigrt ro rtbnve an P enemsile PtepprdhPeemre iteensnhoihxremei ncDnAttiiA du yaeSnPPrinanli dl iOhinmect rCPes ehnaiingobhn LeIdnim W ese eiuekTP meihieLnggss r th 0i pmcih t ngieuer nth PpOe kadiaoa ugTl Sxmhnbtnoroi pinOecPr W o ihairnenIanPloaeacn eret anrP enthiFld P hPHtWptlo mieiatr ietnea NPhrr FTrb aO a nleieitPPempeh mtnncdrEPo pTiwi ipy1rhTarn umpS8Fe le a0ido lTaorrm meexfl drhtEdTS eoS yta aPyaue ge et5 earc itmuhlOPen hrP FfltPhmaofoerr n Hmr Ptlerm emiPOc elher UeeeiWn hmnsrsh t TiWgoaadhmGe lta nieoo miOi ronSnh uTtee nreanh urpti t WnP a tTlrPda TA TmAmn adr T nnkhgiSdelbeI enia metere PiChln e enniei er egxVrAhdapm nPe he epSnipeerln amamhe rPcoiyhscnnrth eaeTPPur Ai inethrett pPnOedr WdoPFirteer ou phhPrpnicn Bneo hP odaliardTeoCmn n5mNmhi unrteerBeh iPPmrpsc yitin Pe tmm iT CrrhFeesasennnai ah tnreh O C aari inTtShelhpn dtrvm ttinieitPshim3.uorthWePnrp7enre co rd nOrhmeieO tnie Ddr aatTwaterenonmBmntladAee aoTlc eCmPivn sDyOenlerinhtr aeh enee uMiPlearaenti lPme trucha rrram shFee nhiAffeee e nler ox Odn aFgTmeanirEiOr t dl IhtiaPeemrcin renn Ty reaa Bdp1uom dagm TMr Cl pmsEo duoSru xraTaln ePar phen it.n7to5tPicegi3n tWoshneeeMr rm crre eleamN netem mipras AtnC ahPFhe d ncSettddai drnnr Fneee nidre eehOrien teWsLmo ernNo Rmel eiig Leen der f o erpa M WPreastua iecromtia tyPh reeertdPD iSe dPiodArvF u m anp mdWhn t uehrl hmnt8rPe eonhniru tsn tPemDs P Dieoirn Sh mnt TmcStd EracHa pK oTim edr hn mirs pWherAinSee sseciohr roCP a0m40 ner.Bhmea 7mi5c3Pieerhtna i slariatrnehmPen ietece cP2 areao irFenn ne ararTi etconec eiAt orna rroDaT eTou moihpPeeigkNecntSnt pnn gp ZrDaoCruerGt lmeTaieh ae nnitd imery i riPso. rermch me ovase mn ti l eiahmIUTeeOPn rt nhee ncvg re isre nlne nfeeA r n eoaSaPd O nrP enrs etFpmnantI oLroinscdonn iueenteh wmihPtltedaWoSn denmiomrFPrhFee iTtna o n emhei rumnp Fir iPhaeiihnoPcreti nenni hOm rhse POmunihvirenng nredrlT u WnmrPahere koeFeTO riohe iect elPPeioieHtl D mein tnr drlrde m D PFaetnee SOtmpPhPn nhhr esn yeoeic hdrervgiamiaC iier pteWemoSrnilemddhn nPByO e rer Pgct utinw p e at dTrma8a0C e ahl1o el aogenhnrT domTn lCdOSdlpiirpiol Fa oi tesuRheneelPtni rm iOC eidaeM t nr t onreatPrUips et mAlo CaTdaary3 TCdamd r ce3 mrh7

So you need a plan… Don't we all

One of the most common questions I get about social media is “Yeah but, what should I DO?”

First of all social media isn’t about  writing a 4 page dissertation on the molecular significance of the bouncy ball. If you wouldn’t talk about it at a networking event then you probably don’t need to add it to your social media plan.

Second, social media isn’t about adding anything to add anything, it’s about providing useful information to people. In other wordsif you wouldn’t talk about it at a networking event then you probably don’t need to add it to your social media plan. OK those were the same words…

What you should do:

  1. Set up a blog, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter account
  2. Dedicate 1 hour at the beginning of the week to social media. During that hour:
    1. Write a blog about your upcoming week
    2. Write a tweet about your blog with a link to your blog
    3. Copy the tweet to your LinkedIn status
    4. Copy the tweet to your Facebook page
    5. Write 5 specific tweets about your week (see below)
  3. Dedicate 10 minutes every morning to update your profiles with the tweets you wrote at the beginning of the week (see above)
    1. If you have an important meeting
    2. If you are going to a networking event
    3. If you are going to a fundraiser
    4. A proposal you sent out
    5. A new service you are offering
    6. A date your readers should remember (i.e. tax day)
    7. New legislation that may affect your readers
    8. etc.
  4. Dedicate 1 hour in the middle of the week to update your profiles
    1. Add new connections
    2. Ask and Answer questions
    3. Comment on/to other people
    4. Join groups and fan pages
    5. Join discussions

That’s it. That’s all you need to do to get started in Social Media. Now once you get started you will need to tweak what you are doing. Maybe LinkedIn doesn’t work for your business, maybe Facebook takes up WAY too much time for you, maybe your target audience thinks tweets are for birds. But this will get you started and will only require about 3 hours a week.

Have a terrific day!

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Is Social Media A Fad?

Good question and one I think this video answers without a question

if the video doesn’t load please go here

Whether you like it or not, Social Media is here to stay. It has changed the way the Internet works. It has turned the one way street of marketing to customers into a two way street that give the consumer the control.

 Need some help getting started? Comment below and I will happily get an answer to you shortly.

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Social Media – Giving back the “personal”

My last blog was about how social media needs to be monitored if for nothing else than for damage control. Monitoring what people are saying about your business and responding in a quick effective way to attempt to remedy any negative feeling.

 However the reason Social Media has caught on so quickly is because of what it has done to the internet. 

When the internet first became popular one of it’s biggest “flaws” as well as “draws” was it started to make life completely “un-personal”. Why go to a store and ask a clerk for help, and wait in line when you can just buy it online? Why ask a friend to help you will a project, just go get the instructions online? Why pick up the phone and have a conversation when you can just send off an e-mail or fill in a form? In the beginning this was great, people felt freed from having to build relationships, they felt that everything was easier, faster, and better.

However once the novelty wore off people started to realize that without those relationships, without the trust, without the personality there wasn’t a whole lot left.

The new generation of internet users are looking for real people, real relationships. They care about trust, honesty, and doing the right thing. Social Media has turned the one way streets of the World Wide Web into a boardwalk full of conversation, introductions, and gerneral participation.

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Social Media: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Social Media has been all the buzz lately. Every meeting I go to someone is talking about LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter. More often then not the conversation turns into “yeah but how do you do it to make it actually work for you?

Well I can tell you first and foremost the ONLY way to get Social Media to work for you is to use it. Putting up a profile and then never looking at it again, or only checking it once a month is not going to do the trick.

Social media is more than just glorified chat rooms or posting boards. Social Media has taken the one way street of the internet and turned it into a boardwalk. People don’t have to read what businesses want them to hear, they can go out and get feedback from customers, consumers, contacts, friends, and family. The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly are all easy to see and find on Social Media.

One comment I get is that business owners don’t want people talking about their business. They have worked really hard to develop an image, and they don’t want some kid to mess it up for them. The problem is you can’t control the internet, especially social media. You might not be discussing your business but someone else probably is, and if you aren’t on line monitoring that then you aren’t able to respond.

A good example of this is the U-Tube sensation “United Breaks Guitars  which is a snazzy little song about how the United baggage handlers were tossing around guitars which resulted in breaking them. United refused to pay for the damage or to even take the claim seriously, until this little video showed up on U-Tube.

However damage control is not the only reason you need to be online.

Natalie Morris