Client Spot : The Cleveland Gladiators

The Cleveland Gladiators are an arena football team in Cleveland Ohio, and I have the absolute pleasure of working with them on a Facebook PPC campaign to get 10,000 fans by the end of the season.

There are a lot of things that make working for the Gladiators fun. Of course the season ticket don’t hurt, and the fact that the sport is actually really exciting so I can honestly say I enjoy the games. Then the fact that so far they are having an excellent year makes it even more fun.

The next reason why I like this project so much is the people I work with are wonderful. They are a fun group who is optimistic and excited about what they do. They are very supportive of us and of each other. There is always a feeling of comradery and a true desire to do a good job on everyone’s part.

The last thing that makes the Gladiators a blast are the fans. Having a group of people who are that supportive of an organization is really amazing to work with. Because most of our campaign focuses on the Facebook Fan Page keeping up with the posts is imperative on our part. It is great to hear all the positive comments of how much the fans enjoy the games, but what I get an even greater kick out of is how the fans will defend the team as if the guys playing are their own flesh and blood! It really shows the power of Social Media.

Besides running the PPC campaign on Facebook the Gladiators have someone in charge of monitoring and engaging visitors on the Fan Page. This is a great place where they can get feedback and find out what people really want.

Give to receive is another thing the Cleveland Gladiators embrace. They ar currently running a Military Night to honor all the men and women who have dedicated themselves to protecting our freedom. Thank you to all our Armed Forces!

Thank you and have a terrific week,

Morris MC, ltd.

Internet Marketing – What the heck does that mean?

The world of marketing has changed dramatically over the past 10 years. Part of that change was adding Internet Marketing to the mix.

When the web really got going as a Marketing venue it was treated almost identical to any other marketing venue.

  • Determine who you market is – in a very broad sense
  • Sell your products and services
  • Wait

Now with the onset on Social Media, this formula doesn’t work the same way. In some ways it’s much better, in others it’s much worse.

How it’s better:

  • Small and medium-sized companies can enter into the marketing pool
  • Local businesses can easily reach global audiences
  • Customers can communicate directly with companies
  • Changes can be made instantaneous
  • Target audiences can be very specific

How it’s worse:

  • Large companies that had market dominance now need to share
  • It’s easy to shop price from your home
  • You need someone to be watching conversation about your company constantly
  • People expect an immediate response

So what is Internet Marketing? In a nutshell it’s coming up with a comprehensive plan that takes into account:

  • Website
  • Pay Per Click
  • Natural Listings
  • Social Media

Each one of these areas needs to be handled specifically for that particular media. For example it’s ok to “sell” your product on your website, but it is not ok to “sell” your product on social media.

Also each item above may have multiple venues, for example your Social Media Campaign may include LinkedIn, a Blog, You-Tube, and Google Places. Similarly the Natural Listing may include your website, a blog, directories, and Google Places. As you can see items may overlap into other areas. Blogs will appear both in natural listing and are considered a Social Media venue.

A good internet marketing plan takes into account all internet venues and ensures they work together.  A blog that does not link back to your website, or to your You-Tube account is not going to be as productive as one that does.

More on this topic to come!

Q & A – Social Media tricks of the trade

What are some tricks of the trade business owners can use to optimize their Social Media efforts?

Social Media Leaps is a great resource! If you have the time to learn how to do things, and you have the patience to figure it out, all you need to do is go there.

There are a ton of tutorials out there that can walk you through pretty much anything. However spending a little money having someone who already knows all the tricks to set it up for you may be well worth your time and money. Be sure to think, how will people find me (or my page/group/etc) what terms would they be looking for, what else would your target audience be searching for? For example if you are a moving company, would you visitors be looking for real-estate advice, or packing instructions. Use that knowledge to write using keyword rich content. Fill your profile with keywords that will help someone find you.

What do you do to make it easier? 

For updates I want to appear throughout the week or the month, I use HootSuite. This tool allows me to take an hour of my time and get my updates done for the week and choose which Social Media venue it goes to. There are a lot of other features it offers, like allowing you to follow groups etc. but I don’t take advantage of that.

What tools and tricks don’t work?

I tried tweet glide but never felt comfortable using it. However it has evolved since the last time I used it. Also, I had gotten too dependent on HootSuite, I stopped using the different social media tools, I lost contact with what people were doing, what they were interested in, what was going on in their lives.

What do businesses do that doesn’t work?

They don’t plan. They think they can just jump in. It doesn’t work, they end up wasting more time than they have and get no return.

They treat Social Media like any other “media” it’s not, in fact it’s not really social media, that’s a deceptive term, it’s really “virtual networking”.

If you went to a networking event a week early, placed your business cards on a couple of tables and then waited to get called you would be waiting a long time. Social Media is the same way. If you don’t put the effort into meeting and greeting you will never form the relationships you are looking for. This doesn’t have to be a full-time job, but you do have to be sincere in wanting to build relationships. There is really nothing out there that is unique anymore, you may be brilliant in your field, but there’s probably someone writing a free blog that explains in-depth exactly what you do. The world is swinging back to personal relationships, we have realized the tech in Indonesia isn’t going to provide the same service as the guy down the street.

Share information with people, help them if you can, be friendly, be personable, build relationships.

Using Social Media to Promote a Non-Profit Event

Although you can use this method to promote any event, non-profits have the benefit of making people feel good about promoting them. If you are an accountant and want people to come to your accounting seminar this might not work to well for you. However save the lions, polar bears, starving children, or even the local stay has a tendency of pulling on heart strings.

 So what to do to promote your event?

  1. Who’s your audience?
    • Families? Parents? Boomers? Genx? GenY? Are you looking for corporate sponsors? Big money?
  2. Where are you going to find them?
    •  Facebook? LinkedIn? Twitter?
  3. What are your objectives
    • Attendance? Donations? Sponsorship? Education?
  4. How can you engage them? 
    • What else are they interested in? Are they local? What other groups are they part of? What other groups would promote you?
  5. How can you use your existing resources?
    • Add a Facebook Fan Page link to e-mail signatures? Send out an e-blast with your group’s link? Try a viral e-mail to friends and family? Put a post-it in mailings?
  6. Determine campaign champion
    • Who can do this? Who has the time? Who has the know-how?

Now your plan is close to being functional. Bring out a calendar and chart everything you plan on doing for the plan. Do it all right now. If you put it off to do later, it just won’t get done. What tweets are you sending? Who is responsible for updating the events? When will the e-mail blast go out? Determine the exact tools and tactics you are going to use. Determine the exact wording each post/update/tweet will have. The more you do right now, the more likely your campaign is to succeed if you put it off it will either not happen or you will put so much ramp-up time into it each day that it won’t be worth the effort.

The MOST IMPORTANT thing for this whole process to work is to ask people to help you and to give them a good reason why they should.

So here it goes! Please help the Cleveland Animal Protective League! They rescue thousands of animals every year and place them in loving homes. They work with the community to promote animal health even in the feral populations. Through April the Cleveland APL is collecting Doggy Dollars and Kitty Cash to help save the cats and dogs of Cleveland.

Natalie Morris

Social Media Seminars

picture out my windowSo every time I go to a social media seminar I have waves of emotions. When the presenter stands up and starts talking about how easy social media is I think, “maybe I shouldn’t be in this business“… “If anyone can do it why would they hire me?”  When they talk about all the free tools… I think “why would someone pay me?” Then as the presentation goes on and he or she starts getting into the nitty gritty and starts really diving into some of the details and I look around and see the blank stares, looks of utter confusion, or sometimes complete fear I feel better! “People DO need me!”

I went to a COSE seminar today where Sage Lewis gave a very energetic presentation on Social Media. I learned allot, and was reminded of the importance of many other things I had put on the back burner.

The two points he stressed most – even if you decide NOT to use social media in your business are these:

  1. Set up a Google Alerts to monitor what other people are saying about you and your business
  2. Get a Social Media Policy in place so that if something happens you will at least have something in place to fall back on.

A few other points he made that I found helpful are here:

  • People buy from people they know – Social Media makes that possible over the Internet
  • Social Media is primarily used for branding and customer retention, however with proper management it can lead to sales
  • You MUST be excited about what you are doing for social media to work
  • If you don’t want to do Social Media then don’t – there is no moral obligation to being connected

If you want to read some of the tweet notes and get the links go to Twitter and search #COSE or go here 

If you want to see some businesses that are using Social Media check out Sage’s Delicious Social Business Page

Have a terrific day!


Natalie Morris/McAninchMorris MC, Cell: 440.552.0131HO: 440-247-7117

Keeping on track

Deep Snow In ClevelandWith the snow falling outside and no sun to be seen for days on end one would think writing blogs would be easy. However, somehow this winter has become busier than most summers! Taking up ski instructing again didn’t help the time issue, but it sure does help the mental “stuck in the house” feeling you get after a few days of bad weather.  Bad weather? Not when you are a skier, this constant dumping of snow – is beautiful in my eyes!

So what are you going to blog, tweet, and update today? If you only have a few minutes don’t skip it, just do what you can, and be done with it.

Have we discussed Hootesuite yet? There are a lot of tools out there that allow you to manage many Social Media venues with one tool. Hootesuite is the one I have been using for about a month or so, and so far I feel pretty comfortable with it. The best feature is you can schedule your updates and select where they go. Do you just want to tweet it, or do you want it to go to Face-book and LinkedIn too?

The tool is very straight forward, create an account sign into your Social Media accounts and your off!

  • Type in a tweet.
  • Use the Social Media Networks buttons to choose where it will go.
  • Use the “Shrink It” tool to automatically shrink your URLs.
  • Click the “Send Later” button to schedule when you want it to go out.

Use the dashboard at the bottom to monitor streams, check stats, and update your settings. It’s all quite simple, however, it is NOT fool proof, or completely reliable. Be sure to check often that the posts are being sent out when and where you think. I have personally had issues with my Face-book account, but despite the lack of perfection, it makes the whole process much easier!

Thanks and have fun Hooting!


Social Media in the Eldercare Industry

For those of you who are following my weekly posts – So you need a plan – you have your accounts set up, you reviewed you weekly events, important dates, etc and now you need to write a blog. So what do you write about? Go back to you list and see what are you doing? I am giving a presentation to the University Hospitals Bedford Senior Network at the January meeting. I have an outline complete and just need to work on an intro and a conclusion.

How Social Media works in the Eldercare Industry

First let me do a quick overview of the primary Social Media venues

  • LinkedIn – Corporate, professional networking community. People in this group are primarily interested in business related information.
  • Facebook – Personal, social networking community. People in this group are primarily interested in entertainment and connecting with friends and family.
  • Twitter – Primarily young tech savvy individuals, professional and personal, as well as everything else.
  • Blogs– Most people follow bloggers that are providing them with information they are looking for – either personal or professional
  • You -Tube – Great venue for providing information to individuals who prefer not to read or where a personal/emotional connection is required

So the overwhelming question I get from the eldercare realm is how can social media help my business, my industry, my facility, how can social media help me?

Every business is going to be different but here are a few ideas for using social media in the eldercare industry.

  • Use LinkedIn and Facebook to invite the community, residents, family, or friends to upcoming events
  • Use  LinkeIn’s Events Module to post Continuing Education seminars your facility is hosting
  • Drive people to your website by update your status with links to important documents on your website
  • Search LinkedIn “Answers” for questions you can provide more expert information on
  • Use You-Tube to talk to visitors who may find reading difficult 
  • Use You-Tube to answer common questions for those who may be intimidated or embarasses – be friendly and approachable
  • Use Facebook’s fan page to keep families involved with your residents – let them know what’s going on, and how they can become involved.

The next big question I get, and sometime I think I should get this one more is how to handle Social Media in the work place. There are a few major areas that you need to think about – especially if you have “patients”

  1. HIPPA compliant – Social media regarding residents have completely different rules than those regarding patients
  2. Policies for using social media in regards TO the work place – can employees talk about work when they are off the clock? If you don’t have a published policy in place then it might be too late if something does happen. Are you sure your employees would make the same judgement call you would?
  3. Policies for using social media IN the work place – with the Internet in people’s pocket, and social media being one of the most common forms of communication for the younger generation, what is you policy for employees using technology in the work place? Don’t wait until there is a problem.
  4. Monitoring what other people are saying about your company – Of course it’s impossible to watch everything on the Internet but by using Google Alerts you can at least have an idea if people are using you or your company’s name directly in the media.

Social Media is definitely here to stay, the changes it has made are a revolutionary to the way people communicate, it is now up to you to manage how it affects you.

Be sure to visit us again next week!


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