Eldercare and the internet

So far so good with my attempt to stay current on my blog! For now my advice is to put it in your calendar and think of it as an inescapable task that must be completed before you can move on.

Also by having an idea of what I am going to write about, it’s easier to get started. So my note in my calendar is “industry review”. Which granted is very broad, but for me it gets me going in the right direction.

The industry news I want to share is on September 23rd I will be presenting at the Eldercare Professionals of Ohio East Side networking group. This is a group of individuals who focus on providing services to the elderly in our community. Originally I had gotten involved with this group via my mother who was involved in a venture that fit quite nicely into this niche. However as time has gone by my business of internet marketing has been very warmly received by the community.

Although the elderly are not quite as quick to gravitate to the internet to do their homework, the children and caretakers of those individuals are fairly early adopters. And although we all want to think our facility speaks for itself, that’s only true if people are willing to come in for a tour. With so many choices out there, and people being in a constant state of rush, the internet is the ideal venue for a frazzled daughter to review a dozen facilities without waking her sleeping baby.

Another important audience for the eldercare community are the discharge coordinators. They are the first line that families come to, to determine what is the next phase of their loved one’s recovery. If the discharge coordinator is educated about a facility it is easy for them to recommend that location to someone looking for those particular services.

An even more important internet marketing issue that many of the senior communities are facing is where else is their name showing up. As we all know people who are happy will share that information with a few people, however those that are upset will share that experience with anyone who will listen. The internet is a great place to track what people are saying about your facility. When if comes to the elderly, we are talking about people’s moms and dads, if there is one bad review, that may be what bust the deal. However if you have one bad review, that has been buried under a ton of good reviews, than that may be a saving factor.

Thank you and have a terrific week,



Client Spot : The Cleveland Gladiators

The Cleveland Gladiators are an arena football team in Cleveland Ohio, and I have the absolute pleasure of working with them on a Facebook PPC campaign to get 10,000 fans by the end of the season.

There are a lot of things that make working for the Gladiators fun. Of course the season ticket don’t hurt, and the fact that the sport is actually really exciting so I can honestly say I enjoy the games. Then the fact that so far they are having an excellent year makes it even more fun.

The next reason why I like this project so much is the people I work with are wonderful. They are a fun group who is optimistic and excited about what they do. They are very supportive of us and of each other. There is always a feeling of comradery and a true desire to do a good job on everyone’s part.

The last thing that makes the Gladiators a blast are the fans. Having a group of people who are that supportive of an organization is really amazing to work with. Because most of our campaign focuses on the Facebook Fan Page keeping up with the posts is imperative on our part. It is great to hear all the positive comments of how much the fans enjoy the games, but what I get an even greater kick out of is how the fans will defend the team as if the guys playing are their own flesh and blood! It really shows the power of Social Media.

Besides running the PPC campaign on Facebook the Gladiators have someone in charge of monitoring and engaging visitors on the Fan Page. This is a great place where they can get feedback and find out what people really want.

Give to receive is another thing the Cleveland Gladiators embrace. They ar currently running a Military Night to honor all the men and women who have dedicated themselves to protecting our freedom. Thank you to all our Armed Forces!

Thank you and have a terrific week,

Morris MC, ltd.

I only work with nice people

When we started this business my number one rule was “I only work with nice people”. A lot of people hear me say this and think it’s just lip service. But it’s not. Seriously, I only work with nice people, and the more I hold to this the more I have found it’s the only way to work.

Here are three wonderful people I have had the pleasure to work with. Jim Cermak from Cermak Marketing, Kelsey Loushin from Elder Care Professionals of Ohio, and Karen Knerem from Brooker Financial.

At my previous job, I had clients that I dreaded calling. I knew no matter what I gave them they would have an issue with it. Even when I went above and beyond what their project scope was, they had the audacity to complain and ask me to redo it!


Well no more! I pick and choose my clients, and I love it! It’s probably one of the biggest reasons why I always give a free needs assessment before I even consider quoting someone. If they just want a number, they are probably just shopping on cost, so I’m not going to be a good match for them. If they want to build a relationship that’s going to last a long time, well, then I want to work with them… As long as it’s a good friendly relationship.

I must admit it is hard sometime to make that decision but I have found the customers that aren’t nice, are going to cost more in the long run then they are worth. Both financially because they require so much more effort to make them happy, if you even can. But, even more importantly, mentally they always weigh on your mind, you don’t concentrate on your other clients because you are spending all your efforts worrying about the bad ones. So in my opinion they just aren’t worth it.

And seriously wouldn’t you rather spend your time looking for the nice client that you enjoy talking to than spending that time stressed out?

Spending some fun time with clients

You know you have good clients when you feel comfortable at a Halloween party with them!

Now I have found there is one problem to working with people you like. It’s really hard to focus just on work. I know with most of my clients, if I call them 15 minutes will be us getting caught back up, finding out what’s going on in their lives, laughing, joking and having fun. But hey I can suffer through a good time, and that time is much better spent than dealing with a negative client, who will definitely take up more time complaining.

Do yourself a favor, decide today that you only work with nice people.

Oh! Here’s a funny side note! So I was meeting with a potential client, they were not being “nice” they weren’t being mean, but I didn’t get that warm and fuzzy feeling I often do. So in the conversation I brought up, that we only work with nice people. And when they laughed it off, I smiled politely looked them straight in the eyes, and said “no, seriously, we only work with nice people.” Their was an uncomfortable silence in the room for about 10 seconds. But their attitude changed from hard-ball to friendly. Sometimes you just need to let people know, it’s ok to be nice.

Best luck,