Cose Small Business Conference

Wednesday, October 19 and Thursday, October 20, 2011

The sixth annual COSE Small Business Conference, is a two-day, first-class conference experience packed with educational workshops, national keynote speakers, a business-to-business trade show and effective networking opportunities.

As a small business owner, your time is incredibly valuable. That’s why COSE designed the conference to fit your busy schedule. Each workshop is carefully selected to deliver immediate, practical tools and information that can be applied to your business right away. So whether you attend for an hour, a day or both days, you’re sure to leave with
valuable new strategies to enhance your business’s success.

101 Tips for Using Your Website and Other Online Tools to Market Your Business

The internet is quickly becoming the #1 way people gather information. If  your internet presence is lacking, you may be missing out. We will discuss messaging, using your website, and other internet marketing tools like search engines, social media, PPCs, and directories. We will also give you an overview of what type of costs you can expect, where to save, and where to spend.

Natalie Morris
Morris MC, Ltd.

Oops! How time flies!

I am sure all of you have experienced the same problem as me. My plan says I need to write a blog every Monday, and send out a post on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter letting everyone in my network know I have completed by blog.

The problem, oops it has been almost 2 months since my last post!

Now I have a ton of excuses, working on other projects, clients come first, family emergencies, lack of hours in my day. But the truth of the matter is for some reason I just don’t see it as a high priority for me. Which is completely insane for a few reasons.

1. I am a social media expert – so people expect to see my social media online
2. I have been able unequivocally track new clients to my social media presence

So I know people are looking for me, and I know it works so why is it not one of my top priorities?

So the question is how can I motivate myself to do something I am not motivated to do?

So I am going to try a few motivational techniques on myself and see if they work. Over the next few weeks I will let you know what does, and what does not work for me.

Have a terrific day,

How Technology Makes Our Lives Easier

The Internet

  • In the beginnings there were the  nerds: The Internet allowed people to share information with other people.
  • Then came colleges and universities: Students and faculty were able to share information.
  • Then businesses used them for business: Businesses were able to share information with employees
  • Then marketers used them for marketing: Then the internet became a one way street
  • Then came Social Media … or should we say came back: This allowed people to share  information with other people.

Technology has evolved

Do you remember when…

  • There were only land lines, if you got lost you had to find a pay phone
  • The first mobile phone had a bag, cord, and battery that weighed more than a brick
  • Head sets were big clunky things that had cords

Do you remember when…

  • Computers used to fill entire rooms
  • The word processor replaced the typewriter
  • Data storage took up rooms
  • Mobile computers were huge

Do you remember when…

  • Only professionals had cameras
  • You only took pictures of special occasions
  • They came out with color film
  • When digital eliminated the need for film

Do you remember when….

  • You had to write a letter by hand
  • Put it in an envelope
  • Put it in the mailbox
  • Wait for it to be delivered by… Pony Express, UPS… talk about snail mail!

Now we have the Smart Phone, which can really do everything above and so much more! Not only are their apps that can control your home or car, baby monitors that call you, a ton of business options, navigation, but they can now work as your computer!

So where are we heading?

    Thank you and enjoy the technology we have today!
    Natalie Morris

Life is not the way it’s supposed to be

So I’m a bit tiered, I’d like to have more money, I feel like there are not enough hours in my day… In other words I am feeling sorry for myself.

A good friend of the family was recently diagnosed with cancer.

Imagine this, I’m feeling like a bit like a loser for feeling sorry for myself.

An extended family member’s father is recovering from surgery, her mother has sever dementia, her step father just passed away, her brothers have downs syndrome, she’s a single mother with a teen age daughter, and she is the only once capable of caring for all these people.

I’m really feeling like a boob.

I was chatting with a friend, complaining about how individuals will take advantage of my time to learn more about my expertise then never follow-up with the services we discussed. I find out a mutual friend of our just had a second surgery to try to catch the cancer coursing through his body, only to find out all the lymph nodes they removed had cancer in them.

How can I even consider feeling sorry for myself?

Two different people I know have been hospitalized for staph infections within a week of each other.

I mean seriously how can I look at anything in my life and consider it unfortunate?
How can I even consider waking up and not be thankful for everything I have? 

Than as if some higher power is trying to teach me a lesson I get the following quote in my in-box.

Life is not the way it’s supposed to be.. It’s the way it is.. The way we cope with it, is what makes the difference.


Thank you,

I only work with nice people

When we started this business my number one rule was “I only work with nice people”. A lot of people hear me say this and think it’s just lip service. But it’s not. Seriously, I only work with nice people, and the more I hold to this the more I have found it’s the only way to work.

Here are three wonderful people I have had the pleasure to work with. Jim Cermak from Cermak Marketing, Kelsey Loushin from Elder Care Professionals of Ohio, and Karen Knerem from Brooker Financial.

At my previous job, I had clients that I dreaded calling. I knew no matter what I gave them they would have an issue with it. Even when I went above and beyond what their project scope was, they had the audacity to complain and ask me to redo it!


Well no more! I pick and choose my clients, and I love it! It’s probably one of the biggest reasons why I always give a free needs assessment before I even consider quoting someone. If they just want a number, they are probably just shopping on cost, so I’m not going to be a good match for them. If they want to build a relationship that’s going to last a long time, well, then I want to work with them… As long as it’s a good friendly relationship.

I must admit it is hard sometime to make that decision but I have found the customers that aren’t nice, are going to cost more in the long run then they are worth. Both financially because they require so much more effort to make them happy, if you even can. But, even more importantly, mentally they always weigh on your mind, you don’t concentrate on your other clients because you are spending all your efforts worrying about the bad ones. So in my opinion they just aren’t worth it.

And seriously wouldn’t you rather spend your time looking for the nice client that you enjoy talking to than spending that time stressed out?

Spending some fun time with clients

You know you have good clients when you feel comfortable at a Halloween party with them!

Now I have found there is one problem to working with people you like. It’s really hard to focus just on work. I know with most of my clients, if I call them 15 minutes will be us getting caught back up, finding out what’s going on in their lives, laughing, joking and having fun. But hey I can suffer through a good time, and that time is much better spent than dealing with a negative client, who will definitely take up more time complaining.

Do yourself a favor, decide today that you only work with nice people.

Oh! Here’s a funny side note! So I was meeting with a potential client, they were not being “nice” they weren’t being mean, but I didn’t get that warm and fuzzy feeling I often do. So in the conversation I brought up, that we only work with nice people. And when they laughed it off, I smiled politely looked them straight in the eyes, and said “no, seriously, we only work with nice people.” Their was an uncomfortable silence in the room for about 10 seconds. But their attitude changed from hard-ball to friendly. Sometimes you just need to let people know, it’s ok to be nice.

Best luck,

Saying Good Bye

Although this is a professional blog I felt like I needed to share.

My husband and I had to put our dearly loved kitty down last week. As with most pets she held a very close spot in our hearts, and like most pets the time came when we had to decide what was best for her.

Giesha enjoying the summer in her catnip garden

Although there was a selfish side that said “no! I don’t wanna!” there was the responsible, and loving side that said “we have to, because it’s the right thing to do for her”. For any of you who are or will need to go through this just remember your pet’s live in the now. They don’t fear death, they don’t hold onto hope for a better day, all they know is now. So when you look at them ask yourself how is their life now? Is it good or bad? and that’s your answer.

With my kitty there were three things that made her life good; eating raw chicken (don’t tell the vet), sitting in the window sill watching the birds, and purring like a sports car. She made the decision for us, we just needed to listen.

We will miss you Gee.


New Year’s Resolutions

It’s funny, for years I thought New Years Resolutions were a waste of time, thought, and effort. I mean really what do they really change.

  • I want to lose 20 lbs, not gonna happen
  • I want to make a million dollars, not gonna happen
  • I want to save the world, not gonna happen

So when I was young, all the resolutions I made, were on the top of my mind for, oh about 2 weeks. By the end of three weeks, I had gained 2 lbs, needed to get $800 worth of repairs done on my car, and another war broke out. So I’d quite, or even worse, just forget about it. Not even make the commitment to quite.

But as I have gotten older I have realized that if taken seriously New Years Resolutions really can work. And if you really put the effort into planning them, they can really change your world!

The trick: or I guess the tricks that work for me:

  • Planning.
  • Having attainable goals.
  • Setting time limits.
  • Managing your progress.
  • Not giving up.
  • Being held accountable.

So what are my resolutions this year? Honestly I’m not really sure yet. My husband and I talked about it for a little while but we didn’t have the time to sit down and really figure out what we want or what the plan is. So right now the plan is to plan, probably tonight over dinner.

We will also do a vision board, although this year mine’s going to be a little different, instead of one great big one, I will do multiple little ones that focus on specific areas of my life.

  • Business last year my goal was to make my business profitable – I succeeded
    And to do public speaking – I succeeded
  • Personal last year I wanted to make more time for me – I succeeded 
  • Spiritual last year I wanted to connect more with nature and the universe – I feel I have succeeded greatly!
  • Health last year I wanted to become a life time WeightWatchers member – I succeeded
  • Fashion last year my goal was to portray a professional image – I succeeded

So this year I will modify them and make my life even better!

Have a happy and successful 2011!