Eldercare and the internet

So far so good with my attempt to stay current on my blog! For now my advice is to put it in your calendar and think of it as an inescapable task that must be completed before you can move on.

Also by having an idea of what I am going to write about, it’s easier to get started. So my note in my calendar is “industry review”. Which granted is very broad, but for me it gets me going in the right direction.

The industry news I want to share is on September 23rd I will be presenting at the Eldercare Professionals of Ohio East Side networking group. This is a group of individuals who focus on providing services to the elderly in our community. Originally I had gotten involved with this group via my mother who was involved in a venture that fit quite nicely into this niche. However as time has gone by my business of internet marketing has been very warmly received by the community.

Although the elderly are not quite as quick to gravitate to the internet to do their homework, the children and caretakers of those individuals are fairly early adopters. And although we all want to think our facility speaks for itself, that’s only true if people are willing to come in for a tour. With so many choices out there, and people being in a constant state of rush, the internet is the ideal venue for a frazzled daughter to review a dozen facilities without waking her sleeping baby.

Another important audience for the eldercare community are the discharge coordinators. They are the first line that families come to, to determine what is the next phase of their loved one’s recovery. If the discharge coordinator is educated about a facility it is easy for them to recommend that location to someone looking for those particular services.

An even more important internet marketing issue that many of the senior communities are facing is where else is their name showing up. As we all know people who are happy will share that information with a few people, however those that are upset will share that experience with anyone who will listen. The internet is a great place to track what people are saying about your facility. When if comes to the elderly, we are talking about people’s moms and dads, if there is one bad review, that may be what bust the deal. However if you have one bad review, that has been buried under a ton of good reviews, than that may be a saving factor.

Thank you and have a terrific week,



Internet Marketing – What the heck does that mean?

The world of marketing has changed dramatically over the past 10 years. Part of that change was adding Internet Marketing to the mix.

When the web really got going as a Marketing venue it was treated almost identical to any other marketing venue.

  • Determine who you market is – in a very broad sense
  • Sell your products and services
  • Wait

Now with the onset on Social Media, this formula doesn’t work the same way. In some ways it’s much better, in others it’s much worse.

How it’s better:

  • Small and medium-sized companies can enter into the marketing pool
  • Local businesses can easily reach global audiences
  • Customers can communicate directly with companies
  • Changes can be made instantaneous
  • Target audiences can be very specific

How it’s worse:

  • Large companies that had market dominance now need to share
  • It’s easy to shop price from your home
  • You need someone to be watching conversation about your company constantly
  • People expect an immediate response

So what is Internet Marketing? In a nutshell it’s coming up with a comprehensive plan that takes into account:

  • Website
  • Pay Per Click
  • Natural Listings
  • Social Media

Each one of these areas needs to be handled specifically for that particular media. For example it’s ok to “sell” your product on your website, but it is not ok to “sell” your product on social media.

Also each item above may have multiple venues, for example your Social Media Campaign may include LinkedIn, a Blog, You-Tube, and Google Places. Similarly the Natural Listing may include your website, a blog, directories, and Google Places. As you can see items may overlap into other areas. Blogs will appear both in natural listing and are considered a Social Media venue.

A good internet marketing plan takes into account all internet venues and ensures they work together.  A blog that does not link back to your website, or to your You-Tube account is not going to be as productive as one that does.

More on this topic to come!


Making the hard decisions

animals,cartoons,creatures,frogs,nature,thinkingNo I’m not talking about anything life altering, or heart wrenching, I’m talking about taking an honest look at yourself, your life, and what you are doing and figuring out if you really are the best person to handle things.

Ok, what am I really talking about, Social Media, I mean really what else do I talk about, ok maybe lions and tigers and some other topics, but Social Media is really my driving force so this is really a difficult thing for me.

I can’t keep up with it, I don’t have the time in my day to properly manage my own companies social media campaign, and because I am being a bit of a control freak, it’s just not happening. Now don’t get me wrong, this is totally not something I can just drop on someone elses plate, or something I can have a random intern take charge of. This is a VERY important part of my companies marketing campaign and it is imparative that it is handled professionally. The problem is, I can’t do that. So I need to be honest with myself and find a solution.

Thank you Tasha for the awesome picture :-)

Yes that's me before I donated my hair, and my wonderful hubby.

Luckly for me, I have a wonderful partner (both my husband and work associate) who knows my business as well as I do and who would much rather be conversing via SM than face to face (which is what I like). Although he know my business, and he knows social media I can’t just drop it on his lap without a plan, so even though I have made the decission to delegate, I need to actualy delegate and not dump.

Which brings me to another point, I was blessed to be able to speak at the 2010 COSE Conference this year, and to go to 5 other break out sessions and WOW were they wonderful. One of my favorites was “Delegation – an Underused Skill” presented by Amanda Hershberger at AssistNOW http://assistnow.org/.

Not only was she a delightful speaker, presented a huge amount of wonderful information, but also had us work through how to actually decide what to delegate, and how to delegate. It was a wonderful experience, and left me – the control freak I am – excited to delagate some of my responsibilities!

So it’s on my short list of things that need done, sooner rather than later.

Have a terrific Halloween!





“Habits are routines of behavior that are repeated regularly and tend to occur subconsciously, without one’s directly thinking consciously about them” Merriam Webster dictionary.

What I find amazing about habits is how easy it is to start a bad one and how hard it is to start a good one! Then on the flip side, it is so easy to break good habits and so hard to break bad one.

When my blog was up and running I had gotten into a great habit of writing posts every week. After I started having issues with the blog I immediately stopped blogging. But what was even worse is all my social media habits suffered. Where I had been checking everything everyday, once I stopped writing the blog, the rest of my social media dwindled down to a few times a week.

The good new, now that I have my blog back I am sure I can get back into the “habit” of being on top of my social media!

So join me and make the decision to change your habit!



Finally Back Up

Oh thank heavens!

My hosting company decided to not host blogs anymore so I needed to transfer to one of the free blogging platforms, which honestly isn’t a big deal. I set my clients up all the time on WordPress so I thought this would be a no brainer.

Oh was I wrong! It probably wouldn’t have been a problem if I would have just dedicated 2 hours to the transfer in the beginning and just followed through with the process. Instead, I tried to sneak it in when I had 10 minutes here and 10 minutes there.

Not a good idea! I am happy to say, if you can see this post, than I am back in business!

Have a terrific day, and welcome back!

So You Fell Off the Social Media Wagon

Don’t feel bad we all fall off the Social Media wagon once in a while. I missed last week entirely and this entry is 4 days late for this week. Things come up and we get distracted. The phone rings and we take the call instead of writing our blog, or for me I do a client’s Social Media before my own. Or sometimes it’s more serious, we had a death in the family which caused everything to go haywire, but we prioritized and of course visiting relatives took priority over writing a blog 🙂

So the big question is what do you do about it? Just like any resolution, if you don’t jump right back on you are going to get left behind in the dust!

Blogs are conversations, journals, tell people what you are thinking and offer them your insight. I am thinking that even though I missed my blog, and was late for this one, I still made the time to do it now. So you can too! Don’t get discouraged, don’t give up!

Maybe you need to rethink the time you are trying to put into it. If you are trying to do too much too soon then step back. Maybe all you need to do is add one connection a week to your LinkedIn account. Maybe all you need to do is spend 15 minutes a week getting familiar with Facebook.

Do you need more than that? Do you need more than you are able to do? Don’t feel bad, a lot of people do. That’s why I’m in business as well as thousands of other ghost writers. If you are having car problems you take your vehicle to the shop, you take your dog to the vet, you take your taxes to the accountant. So why are you trying to do your Social Media alone?

Need help? Please contact me,


Cell: 440.552.0131

Keeping on track

Deep Snow In ClevelandWith the snow falling outside and no sun to be seen for days on end one would think writing blogs would be easy. However, somehow this winter has become busier than most summers! Taking up ski instructing again didn’t help the time issue, but it sure does help the mental “stuck in the house” feeling you get after a few days of bad weather.  Bad weather? Not when you are a skier, this constant dumping of snow – is beautiful in my eyes!

So what are you going to blog, tweet, and update today? If you only have a few minutes don’t skip it, just do what you can, and be done with it.

Have we discussed Hootesuite yet? There are a lot of tools out there that allow you to manage many Social Media venues with one tool. Hootesuite is the one I have been using for about a month or so, and so far I feel pretty comfortable with it. The best feature is you can schedule your updates and select where they go. Do you just want to tweet it, or do you want it to go to Face-book and LinkedIn too?

The tool is very straight forward, create an account sign into your Social Media accounts and your off!

  • Type in a tweet.
  • Use the Social Media Networks buttons to choose where it will go.
  • Use the “Shrink It” tool to automatically shrink your URLs.
  • Click the “Send Later” button to schedule when you want it to go out.

Use the dashboard at the bottom to monitor streams, check stats, and update your settings. It’s all quite simple, however, it is NOT fool proof, or completely reliable. Be sure to check often that the posts are being sent out when and where you think. I have personally had issues with my Face-book account, but despite the lack of perfection, it makes the whole process much easier!

Thanks and have fun Hooting!