About Me

Natalie Morris is a Principle and co-founder of Morris MC ltd. Her career started with web development and has evolved into comprehensive Internet marketing. Natalie specializes in helping small and medium sized, Ohio based companies navigate the murky waters of the Internet. With an emphasis on getting the biggest bang for your buck she has developed a comprehensive list of products and services that can fit into any budget and almost any time-frame.

When the tidal wave of social media started to creep into the main stream she decided it was imperative to develop useful, easy to manage, products and services to help her customers stay informed and ahead of the game.

With the pressure mounting, Natalie soon felt the need to develop presentations designed to help educate and inform small and medium sized businesses. She is now providing CEUs and teaching at LCCC and Tri-C.

So that’s the 30 second sales pitch… But About Me, is a whole other story!

A few of my passions: running my own business, being my own boss. Horses, I love to ride, and even when I can’t ride, I love to groom and even clean their stalls. Their is something about their calm massiveness that let’s the stresses of the world just melt away! Gardening, if I could garden without the weeds I would LOVE it, I am still working on embracing the weeding. Projects, like rebuilding our bathroom, gutting the porch, anything that involved power tools, reasoning, and problem solving, oh yeah did I say power tools.

I am happily married, with a dog, cat and snake. And yes the snake is mine, his name is Spot. I sit on an exercise ball all day long because of a bad back I got from a rope swing breaking when I was in high school, the ball and horses have saved me, and I have really good balance now.

A Little Loony

A little Loony

Oh yeah and I love wild life. I am a firm believer that you should let nature be, but when I saw this loon hobbling across Lander Road I couldn’t just wait for it to get hit by a car! After a speedy rescue to the side of the road, that left a few bite marks on me, I was back with my hubby for a proper cat carrier rescue. After getting the OK from the Chesterland Nature Center we were releasing the bugger back into the wild – notice the leather gloves this time!

My husband wanted to learn to snow ski, so I went back to teaching so we could ski for free, after one year of that I decided it was time for him to start instructing! He was a little hesitant at the idea of only having skied for one year, but he did GREAT! Now when I don’t want to take a class I volunteer him!

I’ll add some more later so check back soon!


Morris MC

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