101 Tips for Using Your Website and Other Online Tools to Market Your Business

The internet is quickly becoming the #1 way people gather information. If your internet presence is lacking, you may be missing out. We will discuss messaging, using your website, and other internet marketing tools like search engines, social media, PPCs, and directories.


  1. Set goals: What are you hoping to accomplish? More fans, interactions, e-mail addresses, are you looking to become an industry leader?
  2. Create a plan: Just like any business project, to ensure success you need a flushed out plan
  3. Create a timeline: Determine reasonable mile markers, set due dates, and celebrate accomplishments
  4. Create a schedule: Use your schedule to ensure you make your deadlines
  5. Assign responsibilities: Although much of the online marketing campaign may be high level delegate where possible to ensure work gets completed
  6. Assign accountability: This should be a third party that will hold you to your word, a business coach, advisor, or partner are ideal


  1. Define audience(s): The internet allows you to interact with individual audiences, be sure you communicate with each audience in the appropriate way.
  2. Define needs: No one cares about what you sell, they want to know how you solve their problems
  3. Keyword research: Don’t go with your gut! Research what people are looking for and find niches where you can compete
  4. Educate: Provide free information to your target audience to help them solve their problems and make good decisions
  5. Entertain: Make your products, services, company, self fun; Example Will It Blend? http://www.willitblend.com
  6. Engage: Engage in existing conversations or start your own, but don’t “sell”


  1. Website: Once you have established your social media venues be sure to have links from your website
  2. Social Media: Your Profiles and Posts should link back to your website and blogs
  3. Blogs: should link to your website and other social media venues
  4. Video: When you create a video, post it to You Tube (a popular search engine), embed it in your websites and blogs, and create posts that link back to it
  5. Optimization: Optimize ALL your venues not just your website
  6. Directories: Find local and niche directories and be sure to use all venues if possible
  7. Advertising: Be sure ads point back to your websites, blogs, and indicates your Social Media when possible
  8. Mobile: Be sure phone numbers are in traditional text format so they are will automatically dial
  9. e-mail Signature: All e-mails should easily allow recipients to find more information
  10. Print: Be sure your online marketing is supported by your offline marketing, QR codes make it easy find information, most people expect to see an URL, and the social media logos
  11. Interactions: Different people want to receive information in a form they are comfortable with, be sure to provide multiple options for interactions

To learn about the other 78 tips visit me at the 2011 COSE Small Business Conference Wednesday, October 19th from 10:15-11:15 am!

Natalie Morris

Internet Marketing Specialist 

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