Professional Social Media Marketing

Social Media has evolved dramatically from when I first got into it. When it started it was all about building relationships – one by one. It was a networking tool akin to face to face networking, the only difference was it was virtual.

The draw was “it’s free!” Who needs an expensive print marketing campaign if you can do more by yourself using these great tools. The good news is it’s true, they are free, and you can do a lot of the work yourself. The bad news is so is print marketing, you can use Word to create a brochure, you can find free clip art online, write the content yourself, then print it off you office color printer. But you don’t do you? Why not? Because it looks cheap, it doesn’t look professional, because you don’t have the expertise to create a compelling image and message. You know that to create a good print campaign you need professional designers, marketers, and printers.

Unfortunately Social Media is turning into the same thing. If you want your company’s Social Media presence to look professional then you need a professional.

I actually came to this realization for myself a few weeks back. Not that I need someone to come up with a plan for me. I have that under control, but I need someone to make the updates for me, I need someone to be responsible to making sure everything happens the way I’ve decided in my plan.

I’m a business owner, I’m a problem solver, I’m also a control freak. It’s hard for me to admit someone else will do a better job if I just give them the guidance and the opportunity.

Do you need help with your social media?


One thought on “Professional Social Media Marketing

  1. Great point, Natalie. You’be hit the nail on the head : quality is one issue and capacity the other. However, with so much noise in the marketplace, and so many people who are willing to make us believe they are the best how do we determine which one is best for our needs – understands our business,hour markets, etc.? Finally, from the perspective of running a business, is social media for brand awareness, and at what point should we be looking for/expecting SALES?!

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