Saying Good Bye

Although this is a professional blog I felt like I needed to share.

My husband and I had to put our dearly loved kitty down last week. As with most pets she held a very close spot in our hearts, and like most pets the time came when we had to decide what was best for her.

Giesha enjoying the summer in her catnip garden

Although there was a selfish side that said “no! I don’t wanna!” there was the responsible, and loving side that said “we have to, because it’s the right thing to do for her”. For any of you who are or will need to go through this just remember your pet’s live in the now. They don’t fear death, they don’t hold onto hope for a better day, all they know is now. So when you look at them ask yourself how is their life now? Is it good or bad? and that’s your answer.

With my kitty there were three things that made her life good; eating raw chicken (don’t tell the vet), sitting in the window sill watching the birds, and purring like a sports car. She made the decision for us, we just needed to listen.

We will miss you Gee.


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