Lions and Tigers and Bears! Oh my!

The Secret, by Rhonda Burns. OK, I don’t know how this thing works. My rational side says it’s a bunch of malarkey, however, I have too many personal stories that make it just too real to me. I actually have a whole notebook full of my “Secret” stories. But I will just share this one because it was just too cool.

Tigger jumping off his perch to come say hi to me.I LOVE animals, I love big animals, small animals, furry and scaly animals. I love nice animals and ferocious animals. I have a dog, cat, and a snake, I ride horses, feed the birds, I put in a pond and have fish and now frogs and even a toad that visits. I will stop my car to rescue a loon, a hawk, or any other animal I find on the side of the road, that I don’t think will kill me… actually I just haven’t found a dangerous one on the side of the road, so who knows what I would do. But there is a place in my heart that loves the big furry animals that could kill me. You know, lions, tigers, and bears!

Well I have been to the zoos, I have been to the animal parks, I have watched TV shows, and seen them on-line but never have I ever had the opportunity to really get close to them (of course safety first). So a while back I get this random e-mail, for a sanctuary who needs a new website. I decide to go down and visit them, of course that week was a marathon of “deadly attractions” crazy people who keep their pet tigers in a NY city apartment building, crazy snake ladies, etc. So by the time the weekend came, and I convinced by husband to come with me I was terrified of what I might be getting myself into. However I went down to see what they were about and was totally impressed by their facility. The thing is the animals get all the attention, the website, got none. So I decided to take it on!

So part of a good website is good pictures, and the people who work there are constantly running so I volunteered to take the pictures myself. Ok I really wanted to take the pictures. So I spent all day Saturday down there with a wonderful guide who kept me safe and the animals engaged and I took hundreds of pictures, of you guessed it, lions, tigers, and bears! There were also bobcats, cougars, zebras, camels, ponies, tortoises, horses, llamas, wolves, and so many other animals that they rescued from terrible futures.

So although there is still a lot to be done with their new site, I am happy to say the new look is LIVE! And I must say it represents their facility so much more than their old site.

If you are ever even near Berlin Center Ohio, and you have the opportunity please go visit them, the work they do is amazing!

Thank you Universe for giving me the opportunity to get THAT close to these magnificent animals!


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