Social Media Seminars

picture out my windowSo every time I go to a social media seminar I have waves of emotions. When the presenter stands up and starts talking about how easy social media is I think, “maybe I shouldn’t be in this business“… “If anyone can do it why would they hire me?”  When they talk about all the free tools… I think “why would someone pay me?” Then as the presentation goes on and he or she starts getting into the nitty gritty and starts really diving into some of the details and I look around and see the blank stares, looks of utter confusion, or sometimes complete fear I feel better! “People DO need me!”

I went to a COSE seminar today where Sage Lewis gave a very energetic presentation on Social Media. I learned allot, and was reminded of the importance of many other things I had put on the back burner.

The two points he stressed most – even if you decide NOT to use social media in your business are these:

  1. Set up a Google Alerts to monitor what other people are saying about you and your business
  2. Get a Social Media Policy in place so that if something happens you will at least have something in place to fall back on.

A few other points he made that I found helpful are here:

  • People buy from people they know – Social Media makes that possible over the Internet
  • Social Media is primarily used for branding and customer retention, however with proper management it can lead to sales
  • You MUST be excited about what you are doing for social media to work
  • If you don’t want to do Social Media then don’t – there is no moral obligation to being connected

If you want to read some of the tweet notes and get the links go to Twitter and search #COSE or go here 

If you want to see some businesses that are using Social Media check out Sage’s Delicious Social Business Page

Have a terrific day!


Natalie Morris/McAninchMorris MC, Cell: 440.552.0131HO: 440-247-7117

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