Keeping on track

Deep Snow In ClevelandWith the snow falling outside and no sun to be seen for days on end one would think writing blogs would be easy. However, somehow this winter has become busier than most summers! Taking up ski instructing again didn’t help the time issue, but it sure does help the mental “stuck in the house” feeling you get after a few days of bad weather.  Bad weather? Not when you are a skier, this constant dumping of snow – is beautiful in my eyes!

So what are you going to blog, tweet, and update today? If you only have a few minutes don’t skip it, just do what you can, and be done with it.

Have we discussed Hootesuite yet? There are a lot of tools out there that allow you to manage many Social Media venues with one tool. Hootesuite is the one I have been using for about a month or so, and so far I feel pretty comfortable with it. The best feature is you can schedule your updates and select where they go. Do you just want to tweet it, or do you want it to go to Face-book and LinkedIn too?

The tool is very straight forward, create an account sign into your Social Media accounts and your off!

  • Type in a tweet.
  • Use the Social Media Networks buttons to choose where it will go.
  • Use the “Shrink It” tool to automatically shrink your URLs.
  • Click the “Send Later” button to schedule when you want it to go out.

Use the dashboard at the bottom to monitor streams, check stats, and update your settings. It’s all quite simple, however, it is NOT fool proof, or completely reliable. Be sure to check often that the posts are being sent out when and where you think. I have personally had issues with my Face-book account, but despite the lack of perfection, it makes the whole process much easier!

Thanks and have fun Hooting!