101 Tips for Using Your Website and Other Online Tools to Market Your Business

The internet is quickly becoming the #1 way people gather information. If your internet presence is lacking, you may be missing out. We will discuss messaging, using your website, and other internet marketing tools like search engines, social media, PPCs, and directories.


  1. Set goals: What are you hoping to accomplish? More fans, interactions, e-mail addresses, are you looking to become an industry leader?
  2. Create a plan: Just like any business project, to ensure success you need a flushed out plan
  3. Create a timeline: Determine reasonable mile markers, set due dates, and celebrate accomplishments
  4. Create a schedule: Use your schedule to ensure you make your deadlines
  5. Assign responsibilities: Although much of the online marketing campaign may be high level delegate where possible to ensure work gets completed
  6. Assign accountability: This should be a third party that will hold you to your word, a business coach, advisor, or partner are ideal


  1. Define audience(s): The internet allows you to interact with individual audiences, be sure you communicate with each audience in the appropriate way.
  2. Define needs: No one cares about what you sell, they want to know how you solve their problems
  3. Keyword research: Don’t go with your gut! Research what people are looking for and find niches where you can compete
  4. Educate: Provide free information to your target audience to help them solve their problems and make good decisions
  5. Entertain: Make your products, services, company, self fun; Example Will It Blend? http://www.willitblend.com
  6. Engage: Engage in existing conversations or start your own, but don’t “sell”


  1. Website: Once you have established your social media venues be sure to have links from your website
  2. Social Media: Your Profiles and Posts should link back to your website and blogs
  3. Blogs: should link to your website and other social media venues
  4. Video: When you create a video, post it to You Tube (a popular search engine), embed it in your websites and blogs, and create posts that link back to it
  5. Optimization: Optimize ALL your venues not just your website
  6. Directories: Find local and niche directories and be sure to use all venues if possible
  7. Advertising: Be sure ads point back to your websites, blogs, and indicates your Social Media when possible
  8. Mobile: Be sure phone numbers are in traditional text format so they are will automatically dial
  9. e-mail Signature: All e-mails should easily allow recipients to find more information
  10. Print: Be sure your online marketing is supported by your offline marketing, QR codes make it easy find information, most people expect to see an URL, and the social media logos
  11. Interactions: Different people want to receive information in a form they are comfortable with, be sure to provide multiple options for interactions

To learn about the other 78 tips visit me at the 2011 COSE Small Business Conference Wednesday, October 19th from 10:15-11:15 am!

Natalie Morris

Internet Marketing Specialist 

The Search Guru

Ready for a brain dump?

Oh thank you to COSE again! They were able to get Leslie Carruthers “the Search Guru” to give an amazing presentation on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in The Panda Era.

I was happy to hear from the expert herself, that our SEO motto of good content and lots of links still holds true even after “the Panda”.

What’s new? A few things, first and in my mind the most expected was the increased importance of “like-able” content. In other words content and information that comes from Social Media and points either to your site or blog, or merely talks about you.

Another major change is the fact that junk pages – filler pages with low quality content or duplicate content – actually have the potential of bringing your site rankings down. Although more pages will help your site, having trash pages won’t.

Leslie’s top 4 Search Engine Tips

  1. Bake SEO into your site structure – be sure your developer understands SEO or hire someone who does
  2. Know the language of your visitors – but don’t use your “gut” – use keyword tools to search and determine what people are actually looking for and what is reasonable in the world of competition.
  3. Develop as many incoming links from “relevant” non-competing sites. Relevant is key. A baker linking to an oil change shop is not as good as a baker linking to a restaurant supply chain.
  4. Create fresh, relevant, interesting, optimized content!

I have about 6 more pages of notes but that’s all for now!

Have a terrific day,

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101 Tips for Using Your Website and Other Online Tools to Market Your Business

The internet is quickly becoming the #1 way people gather information. If  your internet presence is lacking, you may be missing out. We will discuss messaging, using your website, and other internet marketing tools like search engines, social media, PPCs, and directories. We will also give you an overview of what type of costs you can expect, where to save, and where to spend.

Natalie Morris
Morris MC, Ltd.


Eldercare and the internet

So far so good with my attempt to stay current on my blog! For now my advice is to put it in your calendar and think of it as an inescapable task that must be completed before you can move on.

Also by having an idea of what I am going to write about, it’s easier to get started. So my note in my calendar is “industry review”. Which granted is very broad, but for me it gets me going in the right direction.

The industry news I want to share is on September 23rd I will be presenting at the Eldercare Professionals of Ohio East Side networking group. This is a group of individuals who focus on providing services to the elderly in our community. Originally I had gotten involved with this group via my mother who was involved in a venture that fit quite nicely into this niche. However as time has gone by my business of internet marketing has been very warmly received by the community.

Although the elderly are not quite as quick to gravitate to the internet to do their homework, the children and caretakers of those individuals are fairly early adopters. And although we all want to think our facility speaks for itself, that’s only true if people are willing to come in for a tour. With so many choices out there, and people being in a constant state of rush, the internet is the ideal venue for a frazzled daughter to review a dozen facilities without waking her sleeping baby.

Another important audience for the eldercare community are the discharge coordinators. They are the first line that families come to, to determine what is the next phase of their loved one’s recovery. If the discharge coordinator is educated about a facility it is easy for them to recommend that location to someone looking for those particular services.

An even more important internet marketing issue that many of the senior communities are facing is where else is their name showing up. As we all know people who are happy will share that information with a few people, however those that are upset will share that experience with anyone who will listen. The internet is a great place to track what people are saying about your facility. When if comes to the elderly, we are talking about people’s moms and dads, if there is one bad review, that may be what bust the deal. However if you have one bad review, that has been buried under a ton of good reviews, than that may be a saving factor.

Thank you and have a terrific week,



Keeping Up

So if anyone read my last post, it was about keeping up with blogging, and social media in general. I talked about some of my excuses – lack of time – and some of my motivations – it brings me business. Now I’ll let you know what I have done so far, and I hope it helps you to keep up.

I went to my Google Calendar (www.google.com/calendar)  and put a place holder into each Monday to Blog. Now honestly I have done this in the past and it didn’t work, so this time I took one more step. I added what the blog should be about. Nothing graphic, that required thinking just broad like today I am blogging about Social Media. With that little bit of guidance I was able to focus on a subject and that made it easier to just go with it.

Here’s a hint on picking a topic: My pain is your pain.

My “pain” is keeping up with my social media, and I figured if I was having that pain, than there’s a pretty good chance that there’s someone else out there that is having the same pain as me. So why not offer my insights as to what worked for me, and hopefully it will work for you too.

Have a terrific day,



Oops! How time flies!

I am sure all of you have experienced the same problem as me. My plan says I need to write a blog every Monday, and send out a post on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter letting everyone in my network know I have completed by blog.

The problem, oops it has been almost 2 months since my last post!

Now I have a ton of excuses, working on other projects, clients come first, family emergencies, lack of hours in my day. But the truth of the matter is for some reason I just don’t see it as a high priority for me. Which is completely insane for a few reasons.

1. I am a social media expert – so people expect to see my social media online
2. I have been able unequivocally track new clients to my social media presence

So I know people are looking for me, and I know it works so why is it not one of my top priorities?

So the question is how can I motivate myself to do something I am not motivated to do?

So I am going to try a few motivational techniques on myself and see if they work. Over the next few weeks I will let you know what does, and what does not work for me.

Have a terrific day,

Professional Social Media Marketing

Social Media has evolved dramatically from when I first got into it. When it started it was all about building relationships – one by one. It was a networking tool akin to face to face networking, the only difference was it was virtual.

The draw was “it’s free!” Who needs an expensive print marketing campaign if you can do more by yourself using these great tools. The good news is it’s true, they are free, and you can do a lot of the work yourself. The bad news is so is print marketing, you can use Word to create a brochure, you can find free clip art online, write the content yourself, then print it off you office color printer. But you don’t do you? Why not? Because it looks cheap, it doesn’t look professional, because you don’t have the expertise to create a compelling image and message. You know that to create a good print campaign you need professional designers, marketers, and printers.

Unfortunately Social Media is turning into the same thing. If you want your company’s Social Media presence to look professional then you need a professional.

I actually came to this realization for myself a few weeks back. Not that I need someone to come up with a plan for me. I have that under control, but I need someone to make the updates for me, I need someone to be responsible to making sure everything happens the way I’ve decided in my plan.

I’m a business owner, I’m a problem solver, I’m also a control freak. It’s hard for me to admit someone else will do a better job if I just give them the guidance and the opportunity.

Do you need help with your social media?